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Photography is not limited to skilled Photographers only,now a days it becomes a hobby around the world.

in last few years the many revolutions came in camera and price also drops down.
so if you are planning to buy a camera for your family photos or for photography then i am here to help you.
1st write down your questions like
- types of camera
- features you need
- price
and answer yourself, what is your requirement.

The most important truth is "more megapixel or longest zoom not makes the best camera", if you have budget for good camera then select in category of
1.Photo Quality
so choose it wisely.

so here is 3 Basic types of Digital cameras available in market.

1.Compact Digital Camera 

also known as Point & Shoot Cameras,vary in features,size,price,style and its depending upon manufacturers.now a days most of compact camera is packed with minimum 3x zoom lens and at least 12megapixels.due to slick and slim style it will fit in your pocket or small pouch.  
 most camera has different types of picture mode like Auto,Landscape,Beach,Portrait,Night,Movie etc so you can just select that mode n click.

note: don't look on digital zoom range,it clicks poor quality images

2.Bridge Camera

also known as Advanced Digital Compact Cameras or Prosumer Cameras n one step ahead from the Compact Digital Cameras.
the main difference is these cameras has Manual mode so photographer will control over their click for some levels and it has good zoom range n its up to 40x optical zoom.
it has fixed lens, you can not remove or replace this lens from this cameras

3.DSLR Camera

known as Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera,cover more market now a days.
it has most important feature of changeable lenses means you can change lens up to your requirements like fixed lens,wide angle,variety of zoom lens,telephoto lens etc.
it has larger image sensor then other types of cameras.

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