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During winter wake up in early morning is bit hard for me though get ready 6.30am and traveled aprx 25km for capturing photos of Flamingos at Navsari Outskirts (Nani Kakrad and Sultanpur).after parking car roadside walked 2+km but didn't find single flamingo.
Then i met with good human being n gr8 photographer Kamlesh R.Gandhi and we talked there and been friend.He told me regarding Flamingos were gone some other place due to drain of water but find other birds.
after some more walks i find Common Hoopoe,which is in my dream catch list,due to its colour hard to find,you can see it only after if it fly away...lol..but good thing is most birds come again that place where they sit and you have to take passion to catch it.i had waited more than 30 min and take some clicks but due to one my mistake image stabilization was off and most image went blurred.

again it fly away but after 1hour of hide and seek take 3 clicks and here is best one for you.

you can read more regarding Common Hoopoe at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoopoe

Camera : Canon EOS 600D

Shooting Mode :Aperture-Priority AE

Tv ( Shutter Speed ) : 1/400

Av ( Aperture Value ) : 5.6

ISO Speed : 100

Focal Length : 250.0mm

White Balance Mode : Auto

Location : Navsari Outskirt, Gujarat

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