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For birding you have to go out of your home.i was searching birds at walking speed in my car,suddenly see a kingfisher sitting on a electric pole,so stopped my car far away and come out for close up. with taking small steps and snaps,trying go closer but noticed my movement and fly away.i was disappointed coz cudnt get close up.still trying to focus for flying snaps.
during this i was just below that electric pole and i heard a sound of wings.i stand there like frozen myself. without body movement slowly try my camera to move on that bird and when i see with clear focus, i am so happy to catch this raptor.
taken many pics but this raptor is not coming in my screen properly due to it was sit on top most electric wire.then myself moved slowly to get best view and m succeed to catch.

here is the best shot

image is grainy coz i forget to change iso 800 to 100, while big cloud passed from sun.

Location : Surat Outskirt, Gujarat

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