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Indian Roller looks very beautiful when it fly. its in my dream catch list so whenever i see this bird waited and waited to catch this beauty while it fly.
taken many photos but most are shaky but i know one day i will improve photography skill and will catch it and that day came.
i was searching birds as usual at speed of 5km in my car on road to Dandi,Surat.when i was aprx 2km away from that village i saw the Indian Roller and came out of my car.time was around 4pm and road is clear so i stand for photography without tripod,with taking photos going closer and closure,roller noticed my movement and it fly away taken some burst shots and i was lucky only 2 shots are focused but one is superb and i am sharing with you.

 Camera : Canon 600D
Shooting Mode : Sports
Shutter Speed : 1/1600
Aperture Value : 5.6
ISO : 160
Auto ISO Speed : On
Focal Length : 179mm
White Balance : Auto

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