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On 19/08/15 Around 4.30pm i was taking photos of Greater Flamingos at Sultanpur Wetland,due to backlit photos are dark so thought to move ahead so light not came behind the flamingos. while i was focusing flamingos my camera went out of focus n seen many flamingos far away mean at other side of wetland. when these 4 flamingos moved further inside of wetland, i also think to go at other side of wetland.
after reaching there i was so confused....how to cross n go closure!!!!

 see this panoramic photo taken in mobile n write on pic with details for exact idea that how i go thru.
how to go closer as there is water lane width of 4 to 6ft n its difficult to jump for me as never ever tried in my life till now.walked here n there for 15-20min for cross this little river lol, but didn't find the narrower.after 20min, at a one point i stopped myself n thought for jump after running.it was very difficult coz my camera n 150-600mm lens is on tripod.even in fear that if i failed n fall then lens will break....
finally walk for 10 ft...take a deep breath n run....n luckily m succeed to jump 5ft river lol...but my shoes are in lil dry n wet mud.
see my Nike shoes of 5k :(

whatever it was a very proud moment for me.walked towards flamingos. there was a 6ft wall made of dried mud n soil so very slowly took position for photo.thought to climb n go up then go to close of water so climb up myself then slide to down...now my cloths were mud stained. but always final result is sweet and got some good photos due to flamingos were away so they ignored me.started clicking with different settings. took video too.

Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /6.3 || Shutter speed 1/800 || ISO 200
Tamron 150-600mm
Sultanpur Wetland, Navsari Outskirt, Gujarat

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