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As i was on social trip, i had decided to go at Sultanpur wetland for duck n spoonbil when i return to my home but my friend Dr.Dharmeshbhai told that he got news of Greater Flamingos had arrived at Sultanpur near Navsari, i was so happy for clear weather.
i went sultanpur only 2 times. at 1st time i didn't find main wetland n during 2nd time i was with my birding friends so the road map was lil difficult to find the location.so i had set location on google map in my mobile. the map shows the village but not wetland so i went lil ahead even i ignored the board which shows bird seen in this wetland.sudden noticed n return to that area n turn my car.
The road was very small,if other car come in-front of me it may very difficult n somehow i reached.
3-4 flamingos were seen with eyes,when i focused they were Greater Flamingos....wow.but i was at wrong side mean sun was 90 degree to bird n giving backlit.so moved lil ahead n took 4-5 shot.

Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /6.3 || Shutter speed 1/800 || ISO 200
Tamron 150-600mm
Sultanpur Wetland, Navsari, Gujarat

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