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After much awaiting finally i was at LRK aka Little Rann of Kutch on 6th of Feb'16 with Dr.Pragnesh n Viren Desai,i was much late for birding as winter birds specially raptors might went even though i was there for Peregrine Falcon.its a wild ass sanctuary.
Around 3pm we reached at Bhavna resort & Farm after morning session at Nal Sarovar. our guide Becharbhai was ready n we got refreshed n went for birding for evening session,will share those pics later.we had finished our evening session at 7pm n returned at our hotel.took dinner n went for sleep early after recharge of battery of our camera coz we were very tired n have to wake up early.
Get ready around at 5.30am n our guide Becharbhai came n told for took tea.aprox 6am we were on our exclusive safari,it was 12-15 degree cold, i forget to take my jacket n feel freezing sensation while we were on jeep coz our location was 40+km away n we were on speed of 50+.
After drive of 1hr+ Becharbhai stopped at one point n sighted Montague's Harrier,we took shots after 5min again we were on search of raptors.after 30min of drive Becharbhai again stopped n looking in Binocular at one point where he sighted Greater spotted eagle n Imperil Egale.we went there n took record shot.while we approach for closer they fly away. i asked to go towards imperial eagle n game was on....we took shot n try to approach for closure,it fly away.this game continued for 40+min then we stopped chasing imperial eagle n went inside.
while we were going towards perching site of Peregrine Falcon after drive of 10-15min,Virenbhai seen one bird flying n we went towards there,stopped far away n took record shot.Becharbhai came with indian birds n told to show for id n we all got shocked n happy coz its a Saker Falcon.its 2nd visit of Saker Falcon in LRK(as Becharbhai told),at 1st visit no one took photo n 2nd time we sighted.Becharbhai told that we try to get closure but this bird cant give good shot so we tried to approach towards this beauty.Mostly we stop n it fly away.we tried for 6-7times in 1+hr n didin't got good close shot but i got good flying shot from front n side.

Special edit : we were 3rd to frame this beauty as my friend Vivek Mansata told,Thanks for correction.

Details from Google
Male length: 45 cm
Female length: 55 cm
Male wingspan: 100 - 110 cm
Female wingspan: 120 - 130 cm
Male weight: 730 - 990 g
Female weight: 970 - 1,300 g

The saker falcon can be both highly agile and extremely fast as it hunts close to the ground , capable of diving for prey at 200 miles per hour.( source )

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/2000 || ISO 1000 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat.

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