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Me ,my close friend Dr.Pankaj & My friend run a whatsapp group at Gujarat level birding for sharing location n tips.After 1+yr we had decided to make a meet but due to some problems the program was postpone since many time and finally we decided a date 0n 28 feb'16 and place was at Thol Bird Sanctuary.
i had started journey around at 12.30am from Surat with my friends Virenbhai,Dharmeshbhai,Hirenbhai,Aniket & our driver. after starting of journey of 5min we were discussing from where to go and entered in wrong area. finally we came on main road toward Surat to Kamrej for National Highway.
Around 1am we reached at Kamrej NH8,the problem was not to stop, a police man stopped our car n wasted our time for 30+min,even i asked my position,even my friend told his political contact but everything gone wrong.finally settled in Indian manner.
Around 2am we reached at Ankleshwar, we stopped there for fresh n contacted our other birders who r also in their car.we talked for highway jam on River Narmada so take old highway.we crossed the Bharuch and i think we were 1km away from highway, fit in traffic jam.waited n waited for 30+min but zero movement in traffic jam.even we cant take reverse n go wrong side so we called our other friend to take a turn on wrong side.they did n crossed us.after 10min i saw there was a lil space from where car can go so talked with car owners who were before us n luckily we were on NH8 after total 50+min.
My all friends were sleeping but i didn't till we reach at our meeting point.we reached around at 8am.we were 45 friends n some them i met 1st time.we take breakfast which was sponsored by our Friend Anandbhai Verde.around 8.45am we divided in 6-8 group n went for birding.i was with my car group and other r my old birding friend Sagar n Payalben, Pankaj also added his nephew Shrey who is 16yrs old n doing good photography.
Surprisingly i met one of my in-law.at first i ignored because of don't wanna disturbed n walked away.but he came from behind shouted n we stopped,talked little n he asked for his photo,my friend Sagar did some portrait photography n we walked after 5+min.
we take stands as i sighted Darter as my target for thol was Darter n Bar-headed Goose. we took some shots but Darter was far away so we again walked ahead.while we were walking on the bank of lake we sighted a duck which i thought for Eurasian wigeon so take a position again n waited for 5min luckily it comes towards us lil n take this photo.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /9 || Shutter speed 1/400 || ISO 500 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Thol,Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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