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Starting with Best picture of my birding trip to Shoolpaneshwar.it was planned 15days before with my friend Pargnesh as he is coming for 2days family get-together but i was not ready to go any where.due to festive season leave problem but my leave was confirmed n i asked to Pragnesh for birding and he also talked with my other friend Vijayendrabhai,he was also ready.we were 3 n Vijayendrabhai talked with Dr.Hiteshbhai n he been also ready.now all set.
Some work on PC i sleep around at 12.15am and My alarm was set at 3.30am for 23/03/16 but Pragnesh called me at 3.20am for wake up me as he came Surat from silvasa around at 2am and didn't sleep. My wife made breakfast for us n make everything ready for me till i get ready.i left my home around at 4.05am to pick Vijayendrabhai to his home n reached there at 4.10am but Vijubhai was lil late for 10min n we reach around at 4.30am to meet Pragnesh.parked my car there n all goods to Pragnesh's car.Pragnesh told me to drive car as he wanna sleep.we were on the way to Bardoli to pick Dr.Hiteshbhai.
Our Talks were on and Pragnesh forget to sleep...lol.we reached after 5.30am at Baben near Bardoli..winning awards from Gujarat Government consecutively due to development with nature conservation made by NRIs.
we were on the way to Dediyapada,Narmada District.its 90km and we reached there around at 7am.took tea n breakfast there and after 10min we were on the way to our destination. Dr.Hiteshbhai told to call your family member coz there were no network so we all did.
we had stopped at one place, where local tribes were dancing n they had wear traditional get up.clicked 20-30 photos and we were on way to checkpoint to give entry fee.
clicked many birds from many different places till 11.30am,as we were in the car n seen group of tribe was on the road as we gave 10 Rupees as token to give entry as they took from all people who pass from road during this holi season,even they dont forced to give more than 10 rupees,they were happy.we saw a kid in traditional dress n looking so nice. we all came out to frame him and result is here.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /9.5 || Shutter speed 1/350 || ISO 800 || 150mm || White Balance : 5200k
Shoolpaneshwar ,Narmada, Gujarat.

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