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Many friends from my birding group had visited Khajod, near Surat,Gujarat.we called them LRK of Surat coz many raptors sighted there. i had wish to go there but didn't get chance since long time.one day my friend Parag Kuberkar told me to go there n day finalised for 26/2/16.
Around 7am,wake up n got ready to go but it was so foggy morning n called Paragbhai for delay. Started driving around 8am in foggy morning at speed of 5-10km n reached at our meeting point around at 8.40am,Parked my car n went on moped of Paragbhai.he told me go for just see location as too much fog,so we went but didn't sighted any bird.
after 30-40min of driving we returned and went to Paragbhai's home,we have a coffee n shared some tips.around 10.30am i left from there n went again at Khajod area,during driving there was lil fog but when i reached there the visibility increased to 60%. clicked some photos near ground area for testing n time pass.i left from there around at 11am as sunlight was enough n entered in dumping site.after drive of 2km inside the area,i saw an indian Roller sitting just close to road n cudn't stop myself to click.

you can see my car in indian Roller's eye.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /11 || Shutter speed 1/320 || ISO 100 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Surat outskirt, Gujarat.

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