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Since Many days myself n my friend Dr.Pankaj had planned trip for Breeding Plumage of waders at Mandvi,Kutch.so i ahd talked with my another friend Dilipsinh Chudashama n Nirav Pomal who were residing at there n both them asked to come on month end so our trip date was fixed on 30/4/16.
Around 4am i woke up on 29th April n after getting fresh n tea with breakfast made by my sweetheart,started driving around at 4.40am towards Bardoli to meet my another friend Viren Desai n Hiren Joshi.reached there around at 5.20am n parked my car at Viren's home then we went in Viren's Elantra towards Ahmadabad.
we reached Ahmadabad around at 11am n picked up Pankaj. now we were on the way towards Bhuj,we thought for non-stop drive.after 1.30hr of drive Pankaj sighted bird flying n thought for vulture n i targeted my bazooka towards it,Pankaj was right.its a White-rumped Vulture,but it was so far away from us so we moved but within 10 second another vultue sighted now Viren park car road side n clicked some shots.then Pankaj told we were 50km away from one village n if u wanna click then we should go there for close shot,i told that it was mine 1st sighting n we came from 600+km for waders but also click other birds too.so all agree n we went a village near Dhangadhra,dist Surendranagar.
it was very hot climate but we were excited to click lifer.Pankaj told me the location but we cudnt find any vulture there so we moved ahead.i seen nest there n looking up on the tree n happiness came in my eye.it was a White-rumped Vulture Juvenile as id confirmed by Pankaj.we took some shots n seen another two Juvenile there.
we had waited for 30+min for adult to came there to feed Juvenile but they didnt came n we were getting late so we moved on the tack of Bhuj.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/180 || ISO 400 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Dhangadra outskirt, Surendranagar,Gujarat.

while we are in the car,accidentally i noticed the temperature display on dashboard which showing outside of car n shocked coz it was 46 degree Celsius. 

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