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As previously mentioned,birding with friends gives lots enjoyment.story posted in indian Grey Wolf i was at Blackbuck National Park, Velavdar on 20/10/16.we did morning and evening safaries there and clicked many birds there.
After end of the day Pankaj went to Patan in his car around at 6.30pm and we had put our camera in camera bag and all ready.i was started driving and talking regarding sighting.my speed was 20km/h even road was clear coz national park area is both side of road so might any blackbuck came n accidentally i hit.after drive of 3-4km,i saw something on the road,its more than 700-800mtr away from me.i ignored at 1st coz might be a stone but when came close its a bird and i id its a Nightjar.our camera were in camera bag and all bags were at 3rd raw of my cheetah.i told my frnd to open camera bag very fast,we have 1-2min as Nightjar eyes were brighten and came normal in 1-2min (imo).we all came out with camera within 1min.didnt seen setting and i had clicked but total dark coz setting was f/5.6, Manual Mode, Shutter Speed 1/750, Daylight and iso was 1000.without delay up my camera's flash and clicked.now Nightjar was framed.thought to change camera setting and i was changing...its furr....gone.but happy to click one good shot

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /5.6 || Shutter speed 1/250 || ISO 1000 || 428mm || White Balance : 8000K || Flash on
Blackbuck National Park, Velavadar, Gujarat

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