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Vansda National Park gives lots species to me even though i wish to go there bi-monthly there.we had planned get together of our "Bird Watchers of Gujarat" 2nd meet there on 26 and 27th feb'17 with forest department of dang,gujarat and forest department of north and south dang gave us a appreciation certificate.so we have to take this honor to receive from DCF of North and South Dang division around at 5pm.
so planned to visit Vansda National Park in morning session.we entered around after 8.30am and thought to find emerald dove n went a specific location but cudn't find. my friend Hiren Joshi told to find flying Indian Flying Fox with chicks,its a interesting but very difficult to find and then focus and click coz trees are very tall n there is a limited space between trees so we were unable to find and focus.
Give up myself coz its much difficult to do in limited area so Hiren Joshi asked, very few have such shots and accepted challenge.we had spent more than 50mins there and clicked many shots of flying Indian Flying Fox with chicks.
so here is one of them.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/4000 || ISO 4000 || 428mm || White Balance : Daylight
Vansda National Park, Navsari, Gujarat

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