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You will be more happy when you sight a bird accidentally which is in your wishlist.Same thing happen when we were returning from Shoolpaneshwar to home on 23/03/16 and we sighted Indian Grey Hornbill,so i had stopped the car n came to click them.we got record shots.
i went still inside and meanwhile Vijayendrabhai called me in very law voice, who is 100mtr away from me.So i went there n asked,what??? he saw the location from n told there must be an owl.so i clicked from far for id, when we saw in cam's display we were excited coz it was Barn Owl.
we approached very carefully coz it was partial sleeping in burrow of a tree.But we were noticed n fly from burrow but sit on a tree just 30mtr away from us.Luckily we got good shots.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /16|| Shutter speed 1/180 || ISO 800 || 150mm || White Balance : 5200k
Shoolpaneshwar wildlife Sanctuary,Narmada, Gujarat.

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