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Taken leave on 14/09/15 so around 8am went for birding. till 10am didn't get good photos so decided to return home around at 10.30am.
i was Driving slowly to see any activity beside the roads for any new winter bird. sudden i saw an Indian Roller sitting on a electric wire, i just avoid it but thought that the electric wire was not much at high level coz road was lil higher level from ground so reversed my car and parked very carefully.thought that Indian Roller will fly away so i set my af point to all and started approaching very carefully with  focused to get closure shot but i was noticed and it fly away but i was ready for flying shot and clicked 4-5 shots.i was very happy coz out of  5 shots, in 3 shots Indian Roller was in the frame with enough sharpness.
so here is my favorite shots with good frame as i had posted this bird with closure look.

Exifs :
Canon 600D
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /6.3 || Shutter speed 1/1600 || ISO 400 || White Balance : Day Light || 600mm
Surat outskirt, Gujarat

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