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i had a plan to visit Blackbuck National Park,Velavdar with family in October'16.Before i go there talked with my friend Dr.Bhavesh Mengar and 1day before i was at Pariyej Lake.
i was expecting Winter birds but find nothing new in the lake,around at 5pm i asked to return towards my car.after walking of 100+ mtr,i saw a Red-naped Ibis and i asked mengi to frame this bird so pl walked toward car with my son as my son was 7yrs old that time and might disturb this beauty while i frame it.
Giving full Credit of this image to my friend Dr.Bhavesh Mengar coz frankly speaking ibis n myself played with each other for 10-15min with close distance,i don't know why that bird didn't fly away,itself walked here n there.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
f /9 || Shutter speed 1/320 || ISO 400 || 600mm || White Balance : Day Light
Pariyej, Anand, Gujarat

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