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Dr.Pragnesh have a conference on pathology and organized by our batch mate,Dr.Yogesh Mistry at Baroda.Pragnesh told to join him for Pariej Lake as he was not gone there for birding and finally i ended the request of last 7days n i was with him.
we reached aprx 11pm on 18/12/15 n check in. thought for good sleep coz we have to ready by 5.30am to start our journey but Yogesh came at 12am and made lil get together till 2am.even though We left Baroda around at 6.30am. our birding frnd Dr.Bhavesh Mengar join us at near by Sojitra on Anand-Tarapur road.
Mengy told us to go 1st at surrounding area of Pariej Lake for White Stork as he had clicked 7days before. so we entered thru small road for White Stork.after driving of 2-3km he told us to locate for White Stork both side of road in a group of Painted Stork.Pragnesh n myself  were looking for another new bird but Dr.Mengar was looking for White Stork for us. we did so many stops for clicks  after clicking of few birds, we were 5+km inside of main road n Pragnesh was driving his Ciaz, i was siting beside him n Mengar was siting on back,sudden he asked to stop car for looking in group of 5-6 painted stork for White Stork n we got lifer.
sudden we came out n very carefully started approaching towards the White Stork but cudnt got good shot n fly away inside the farm.we walked aprx 1+km inside the farm,luckily we got hide and this time we got good shots.got good this shot.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2
Manual  Mode
f /8 || Shutter speed 1/250 || ISO 200 || 600mm || White Balance : 5200k
Pariej Lake outskirt, Anand, Gujarat

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