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As Sri Lankan Junglefowl was wish list and long story posted in my article Sri Lankan Junglefowl (Mobile Click) . we entered in Sinharaja.After Trekking 1+km and we were walking on plain area and sudden hear a call of wish list bird,i asked our guide and he told us,we have to cross river.we told no problem.
at 1st we reached near lil river type body and small stones were in there.1st thought to shoot video in mobile but left idea coz have step carefully on stone.after crossing,we have to climb and it was 6ft + but we managed it by climb with holding the roots of large tree,we were wet by perspiration.This small River is a border of Rain Forest.We were on the walk way toward lodge and its Martin's Lodge  and we saw Junglefowl but didn't got good shot.guide told to walk ahead and you must take a good shot at one farmer's backyard.
We walked for more and i was so happy to see it very closely,then took many photos but as i was very close and limitation of my lens,unable to frame whole Junglefowl.sharing extreme close up.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2 with Canon 100-400 is2
Manual Mode
f /7.1 || Shutter speed 1/640 || ISO 2000 || 400mm ||
Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

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