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United Arab Emirates had played major role to saving Houbara Bustard from its declining and they started breeding center,they did by captivating this species and now they releases thousands of Hubara Bustard every year so why not we do captivating Great Indian Bustard in Breeding center as last Male remain alive in Gujarat.

Why Gujarat Need to Captive Great Indian Bustard?
1. Female Great Indian Bustard lay one egg per year.
2. Power-lines nearby its Habitat.
3. Insecticide/Pesticides used in farms nearby its Habitat.
4. Feral dogs and other Predators nearby its Habitat.
5. We have only 1 male and 2 female.(may be i'm wrong but got news from local guide this year during photography of passage migrants.
6. We didn't know, where it lay egg.There must be chances of this egg may be eaten by Predators.
There may be other reasons and may be i'm wrong but we need to act fast for Great Indian Bustard and do captive it otherwise we will lose this species from Gujarat.

There may be many meetings in past for conservation of Great Indian Bustard and whatever reason decided for its declining level of Critically Endanger Species,we have no time remained for meeting and discussion.we have to Captive and start Breeding center to save this beautiful Great Indian Bustard in Gujarat.

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