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i was on a Family vacation at Sri Lanka with my Friend Dr.Pragnesh in mid May'18.for birding its a odd season due to heavy rain.even though we had plan to go Sinharaja National Park on 19th May'18.
we were stayed at Earl's Reef Beruwala,wake up at 3.15am and get ready within 15min.went at reception,surprisingly receptionist made a ready packed breakfast for us and our cab Driver Mr.Albert Christo was waiting for us.
Without delay we were on the way towards our destination.it was a journey of 3hrs.i thought for sleep but didn't because i was little afraid because its an unknown country and with unknown person at odd time drive.
Even though we both doctor are unable to speak English well and our cab driver was speaking english very fluently though we chat with each other.after drive of 1 hr our cab was stopped by Sri Lankan Police,now my heartbeat were increased even though we hv all document coz it was dark area.good thing was everything handled by our cab driver and policeman didn't ask anything to us.
Our target was to reach by 6am at entrance of Sinharaja National Park and i asked to my cab driver to stop for a coffee break but on whole way we didn't see a opened dhaba/shop/restaurant for break.Around 5am we saw a shop n drink a hot coffe,it was of great taste made by a old man and we thanked him.
After drive of 1hr,we reached around at 6.15am,a guide named Ratnasiri came to us and talked for everything.there was a system that each guide has a turn to go with guest so no other person talk with us.i paid entry fee and bought a pair of foot cover to safe us from blood leeches/blood sucker.
we started walking with our guide for birding.it was rainforest so it was not a easy task for photography even we experienced  badly for 3 endemic species,we failed to frame average shot of them.
After walking of 500+meter, hill area started and there was no wind.apat from 15 degree Celsius temperature i was wet.we clicked Sri Lankan Junglefowl, Malabar Trogon,Sri Lankan Hill Myna etc bird and our guide told for Sri Lankan Frogmouth. Guide went 4-5 different place but he didnt find this beauty so we went further inside of Jungle.
Now Turn for Spot-winged Thrush.we walked down of hill after walking by bending our selves,walking thru water.guide searched it 2-3 location but he failed and after hard work of 30+min he hear a call and further we walked inside and spotted.
i clickedthis beauty at 2000 iso but it was total black because sun light was unable reach there and set iso 5000 still result was not good and set at 10k iso and clicked this shot.i know about noise grain but i have no option and happy to frame this tough endemic beauty during odd season.

Exifs :
Canon 7D Mark2 with Canon 100-400 is2
Manual Mode
f /7.1 || Shutter speed 1/320 || ISO 10,000 || 400mm ||
Sinharaja Rain Forest, Sri Lanka

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